July 3, 2013

#Housing101: Intern Summer Blog Series

My name is Olivia Lapeyrolerie, and I am a summer intern in HUD’s Office of Public Affairs. For the next several weeks, I will be writing a summer blog series about the basic tools young people need to know when renting or buying. The posts will cover an array of topics, ranging from mortgages to housing counseling. Even though housing  is a seemingly daunting topic, it is an important life-skill to have an understanding of how the housing market works.

Most college kids have a tendency to stop listening whenever their parents start talking about anything related to home ownership or rental. What do we care about mortgages, interest rates or the housing market? It is not a topic one usually hears twenty year olds talking about. I always assumed that I would learn about the multi-faceted world of housing when I started to look for a home.

That attitude, as I have come to realize, is not very sensible or pragmatic. College kids should take the opportunity to learn about the multi-faceted world of housing. Instead of waiting until we start looking for places to live, we should equip ourselves now with a basic knowledge of the housing market.

Happy July 4th!

Olivia Lapeyrolerie is a Summer Intern in HUD’s Office of Public Affairs.

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