April 30, 2013

A Way to Start for Father’s Day

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As HUD enters our third year of the Father’s Day Initiative, we want to send a message to housing authorities that are considering hosting Father’s Day events on or around June 15 to strengthen the bond between children and their fathers, who are often absent from the lives of their children who live in public housing, and connect Dad’s with economic, employment, health and education resources.  We understand that times are hard, but it is during these challenging times that families need each other most and, for that reason, HUD is encouraging PHAs to host Father’s Day events. The Father’s Day Initiative is about encouraging the men in and around public housing to be the best dads, parental partners and community members they can be. With that in mind, we hope PHAs will focus on this goal to create events that fit their current demands and circumstances.  HUD is encouraging agencies to utilize existing community resources. For example, an agency can partner with the local Girls or Boys Club or YMCA to host an event.  If you have an onsite day care center, consider inviting dads to the center for an afternoon. Perhaps you help arrange a father and child trip to a “story hour” at your local library. Find a way to start that works for you to bring fathers and their children together.

More information at HUD.gov/FathersDay2013.

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