March 28, 2013

Honoring Women with a Hand Up

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Women’s History Month is a celebration we always look forward to in the HUD New York Regional Office.  The department’s Special Emphasis Committee and HUD’s Under 5 New York group worked hard to engage all HUD staff. This year they also reached out to others, and what better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than to team up with an organization that helps women do and look their best for their first job interview.

HUD New York partnered with Bottomless Closet, a NYC non-profit organization that offers resume writing and clothing for interviews to economically disadvantaged women that have scheduled job interviews. Volunteers assist the women by coaching them on resume writing and mock interviews, and continue to provide services after they get a job with professional development workshops after.

HUD’s Under 5 group placed clothing bins on the federal agency’s premises where HUD employees can drop off gently used suits, clothing, handbags, and other items women could use to start their potential entrance into the workforce.  A clothing donation can go a long way for a job candidate who might not yet have the money to buy an appropriate outfit for a job interview.

The month-long clothing drive at HUD launched in March and bins have been filling up with donations.  To celebrate, the Under 5 group had a “Sweets and Treats Social”, featuring homemade desserts.  Kendall Farrell, Bottomless Closet’s Executive Director was able to attend and thank HUD employees for their efforts.  She explained that the goal of this non-profit is to provide ongoing support to these women so that they are successful at getting and keeping a job, and become self-sufficient for themselves and their families.

If you would like to volunteer your time, sponsor a clothing drive, or make a financial or clothing donation to Bottomless Closet, visit their website at

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