March 4, 2013

HUD’s Got an App (Housing Discrimination) For You….

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If you happen to be out searching for a home or an apartment, and have questions about whether  a lender can deny you a loan because you are on maternity leave or whether a landlord has the right to deny you a service animal,  you may want to check out a new app that can answer these and other questions. HUD, along with HP has launched the first housing discrimination app to provide the public with a quick, easy and safe way to learn about their fair housing rights and, whenever necessary, file fair housing complaints.

The app takes advantage of the latest technology to expand HUD efforts to end housing discrimination and is the first federal civil rights app that allows individuals to file housing discrimination complaints using their iPhone or iPad.

The app will also be an important new tool for assisting fair housing groups and other civil rights advocacy organizations in their efforts to help individuals pursue their housing rights and to help the housing industry to educate their members on their responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.

Here are a few other benefits about the new housing discrimination app:

  •  It can be used by individuals searching for housing right after a natural disaster, when power outages make iPhone/iPad one of the few ways to access the Internet.
  •  The app is accessible for the sight impaired.  It functions with any of the native features of iPhones and iPad, including the “zoom” feature, which allows the user to magnify the entire screen.
  •  The housing discrimination app can be found in Apple’s App Store and accessed through Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, with a free download.
  • HUD also plans to release an Android version of the application.

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