February 19, 2013

Public, Private Partnership Aims to Help More Americans Get Connected to Internet

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For most people, resources ranging from new job possibilities to a home remedy to remove spaghetti sauce from a white shirt are only a click away because they can use the basic technology they have in their homes – a computer with Internet access.  Unfortunately, for millions of Americans even the simplest tasks become monumental because they don’t have access to this technology that most of us take for granted. Connect2Compete (C2C), a public-private non-profit partnership, spearheaded by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and supported by HUD, aims to end this gap by eliminating what has been called the digital divide or the inability of low-income people to gain access to basic technology.  Secretary Shaun Donovan and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski recently announced HUD is joining C2C as a partner.  HUD’s role will be to provide outreach and support C2C’s digital literacy training program through its direct connection with the nation’s 3,200 public housing authorities and HUD Neighborhood Network Centers.  “Neighborhood Networks Centers have helped residents do everything from find jobs, succeed in school or just become more comfortable with searching the web.  This new partnership with C2C will allow families to accomplish these tasks from the comfort of their homes like many us.”  Read the Connect2Compete fact sheet on HUD.gov for more information.

Donna White is a Public Affairs Specialist in HUD’s Office of Public Affairs.

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