January 31, 2013

Buying a home, OMG!

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Recently, I’ve been helping a friend through the home buying process.  Although I purchased a home a few years back, I’d forgotten how rigorous the process can be: How much earnest money do I need to put up?  Will the seller help with closing costs?  Do I need homeowners insurance?  And, oh yeah, and what the heck is a HUD-1?

And don’t forget your signature on all that paper work.  It’s like signing your life away and enough to make you say, “OMG I need help!”

With interest rates at an all-time low and the housing market on the mend, now might be a good time to consider whether buying a home is right for you. From finding out how to get your credit in order to tips on how to find a real estate agent, HUD can help.

Check out these really cool and helpful videos: Shopping for a home, Shopping for a Loan and Closing the Deal. And when you are done visit HUD’s website to learn how to begin the process of buying a home; what is earnest money and how much do you need to set aside; are there special mortgages for first time homebuyers, do you really need homeowner’s insurance or to get an inspection, and much more.

When looking to buy a home, don’t get frustrated get help from HUD.

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