November 12, 2012

HUD Honors Veteran’s Service by Serving Them

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On this day — Veteran’s Day — let us raise our flags, not only because we love the United States of America, but to honor those who have risked their lives, lost their lives, to provide us access to the liberties we enjoy everyday. This country was built upon the shoulders of men and women who have fought to lay a foundation of freedom that generations have been able to thrive upon and will continue to do so in the future. So we take this time, as a community, as a country to reflect and give thanks. We acknowledge those who sacrificed to help create and defend this great country.

When our Veterans return home, many of them use the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their military service to continue to serve as civil servants, doctors, teachers, business owners; while others are trying to readjust to their roles as mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. It’s our opportunity, as a nation, to make that transition as easy as possible.

HUD honors their selfless acts of service by doing our part, ensuring our veterans are provided:

Our men and women in uniform sacrifice so much for our country, it’s important that we recognize their great works and do our part to support them when they return. Again, we say thank you for all you have done and the peace and prosperity you have allowed us to enjoy. God bless all who have served and shall serve in the future.

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