July 20, 2012

Weekly Online Resources Round-up

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For the first time in almost 20 years, the International AIDS Conference will take place on American soil – right here in our Nation’s capital, Washington DC, from July 22 – 27th .  People from across the country and around the globe will convene here to reflect on accomplishments, share challenges, and  discuss future goals.

This conference will provide the U.S. and opportunity to share with the world its accomplishments to date; our own HUD Office for Housing Opportunities With AIDS (HOPWA) is celebrating their 20th anniversary, the only Federal program dedicated to address the housing needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

In celebration of the conference and HOPWA,  this week’s installment will help you take a closer look at what the U.S. is doing to help implement the National/HIV AIDS strategy released by President Obama and how you can help.

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