May 23, 2012

Know a veteran in danger of becoming homeless? Pass along this information

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Housing vouchers known as HUD-VASH can help veterans resolve their housing situation if they are in danger of becoming homeless.

HUD and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are working together to provide the fastest and most complete service possible to those who served our country who now need housing assistance.

The first step is to locate the VA center closest to you, register, and explain your circumstances. If you are a low-income veteran, the VA will refer you to the local housing authority nearest you that received HUD VASH vouchers. These are housing vouchers funded by HUD, coordinated by the VA and administered by local housing agencies that allow you to live in the place of your choice.

The basic eligibility requirements are determined initially by the VA, as the veteran must be eligible for medical services from the organization and his or her economic situation should be classified under the definition of homeless as defined by law. Read all the details here.

The person must participate actively in obtaining services to help to stabilize his or her situation. A requirement for participation is to accept the assistance of a social worker to help with handling your case, whether that is related to physical or mental disabilities. The most vulnerable veterans are ideal candidates for this program.

The next step is to contact the housing authority, which determines whether your income level is right for the program and establishes that the veteran and immediate family living with him (or her) are not sex offenders, which automatically disqualifies the person.

Once the eligibility process is determined, the veteran receives a list of homes whose owners are interested in renting to people with housing vouchers, or the veteran can select the property he or she wants, provided the owner agrees to receive payment for the rent on a contract with the housing authority and the tenant. The property must pass inspection to verify that it is habitable and sanitary housing. The next step: move!

If you need help, do not wait. Call the National Center for Homeless Veterans Assistance at 1-877-424-3838.

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