May 15, 2012

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Ceremonial groundbreaking in Montgomery, Ala. Photo: Courtesy of WSFA-TV

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan visits Denver, “Loan deal could help 20,000 families in Colorado‎,” Denver Post.

HUD awards $70 million to build capacity to undertake community development activities.

HUD, Mayor Todd Strange and the Montgomery Housing Authority (MHA) break ground on a $23 million housing community in Alabama.

The Los Angeles Times runs, “newest housing data highlights improvements.” Market improvement headline also @TIMEBusiness.

And Bloomberg pays respects to John M. Quigley, a pioneering economist who changed the way the America thinks about housing. Quigley, who passed away last week, devised statistical models of housing quality and the risks inherent in mortgage-backed securities, documented the discrimination that restricted the housing choices of African-Americans, and wrote about the impact of housing wealth on consumption.


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