May 4, 2012

HUD receives the Association of Government Accountants Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Reporting award for its FY 2011 Annual Report

Written by:

HUD’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Financial Policy and Procedures Division

This marks the sixth year that HUD participated in the CEAR review process, and it is a tribute to all those involved in the annual reporting process that HUD has received this prestigious award for the sixth consecutive year.  The CEAR program was established in 1997 in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officers Council and the Office of Management and Budget to improve financial and program accountability by streamlining reporting and improving the effectiveness of such reports.  The Certificate is awarded to agencies that have demonstrated excellence in presenting performance and accountability information in an integrated and user-friendly format.

Also, fiscal year 2011 marked the first time HUD released the paperless version of the AFR and Summary of Performance and Financial Information Report.  These new web based reports were in response to the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010, which mandates that no costs be incurred for printing performance related reports such as the Annual Financial Report, (as well as the Strategic Plan, Annual Performance Plan, and the Annual Performance Report).

A special thanks goes to the many HUD staff members who participated in producing the award winning FY 2011 HUD reports.  We can all take special pride in receiving the Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Reporting, for the significant program results HUD achieves for the American public we serve.

To learn more about HUD’s FY2011 Annual Financial Report visit HUD’s website.

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