April 20, 2012

Weekly Online Resources Round-up

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If you ask people what Earth Day or protecting the environment means to them, you’ll most likely get a different answer every time. I’m someone who spends any chance I get in my garden, hands in dirt planting new flowers and plants. For me, Earth Day means celebrating and preserving our planet’s natural wonders no matter how small. It also means supporting healthy and sustainable environments.

By connecting housing to jobs, fostering local innovation, and helping to build a clean energy economy, we, at HUD, are working to create strong, sustainable communities. Our initiatives include the Sustainable Housing Initiative and the Housing and Transportation Affordability Initiative.

In this week’s online resources round-up, we bring you ways that you can get involved in supporting green and sustainable efforts.

As part of HUD’s Earth Day celebration, Shelley Poticha, Director of HUD’s Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities will be hosting a Twitter town hall meeting next Tuesday April 24th at 3:00 pm EST. During the town hall the following topics will be discussed:

  • The impact that the Sustainable Community Grants have had in the grantee communities
  • Programs and ways in which homeowners can save energy and save money
  • The positive impacts that connectivity between work, housing and transportation brings to a community
  • How sustainability and planning are creating public/private partnerships that increase the economic competitiveness of urban and rural regions

The Twitter town hall will be streamed live on HUD’s website. Twitter users may ask questions in advance and during the Town Hall using the hashtag #greenHUD.

To learn more about HUD’s sustainability efforts, visit our Sustainable Housing and Communities website.

The Environmental Protection Agency has created a place for you to talk about environmental issues.  Join the discussion.

Also from the EPA, learn what you can do to protect the environment in your home, workplace, and community. Go to the EPA website.

And lastly, if you’re a teacher seeking to invoke wonder and excitement in your students while teaching them at the same time, head on over to the Department of Interior’s resources for teachers website.

That’s it for today. Here’s to Earth Day.

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