April 2, 2012

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Secretary Donovan and other Obama cabinet members addressed youth violence at a forum in D.C.

Two housing non-profits in Hawaii received HUD grants to address HIV/AIDS.

More vouchers for veteran’s homelessness in Oklahoma.

“It’s simple: You can’t be healthy if your home is sick,”

And John Trasvina talks fair housing in Westhaven.

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  1. March 27, 2012

    Dear Lending Hand

    I am a 60yo veteran and live in California. I had worked full time in the Grocery business 28 years and 18 years in Home Health Industry. My wife has been a teacher for over 30 years. In November of 2010 my Employer terminated me for no reason after they were contacted by the EEOC. I had contacted the EEOC over some discrepancies with my employer. The EEOC has filed 3 charges against my former Employer and is still in Investigations. The EEOC only files charges if they think there is a case. I filed for unemployment benefits EDD and my former employer told them that I had quit my job. In California when you quit a job you don’t get unemployment benefits. That’s a nice slap in the face for giving to that company for the last 18 years. I filed an appeal with EDD and It took 5 months to get an appeal hearing with the Judge. Why did my former employer tell EDD that I quit my job when I have the letter from my former employer stating that I am terminated, don’t bother to come by we will mail your personal belongings to you.
    My wife bringing in her income was barely enough we needed to survive. We were grateful to start getting some EDD benefits. The retro checks were paid back in biweekly increments and not in a lump sum, that prevented any catching up with mortgage payments. We had been talking to our mortgage company for some sort of relief or modification and they were rude and said it was too late. Our home is in default and foreclosure.
    My wife and I were listening to President Obama’s speech that he made on television and he was talking about helping the people behind in payments, unemployed and who are facing foreclosure. It kind of gave us some hope, thinking the President was involved also.
    We called a HUD approved counselor or program to see what we needed to do. On February 15th my wife and I signed a contract with them and legal firm. We informed them that their was a sale date or action scheduled on March 19th. They acknowledged and said I qualified for one of the modification programs offered and would cost $3000.00.We pulled the money out of a hat, cause I don’t know where it came from. I needed the $1000.00 to get them started. We had faxed and emailed all appropriate paperwork they needed. We stayed in contact quite often. I had specifically asked our contact person if we had been taken off the sale or auction and she said that our home was taken off the auction. and everything was going fine… per the representative we had been speaking too. We had always spoke to the same lady. Come Thursday the day before the sale they call and say I have to run down to the court house and get bankruptcy filed. I couldn’t believe at the last minute our law firm was sending us on a wild goose chase.
    March 19th we get a call that afternoon that our Home was sold at the Acton for $81000.00. Here we stand shocked. We have lived here 15years. Our daughter and her 3 little girls live with us.. Now I feel like dirt. They even get you hating your own home cause of all the ups and downs.
    The day after we get served a 3day or quit along with Hello we are the new owners… They are a investment company that buys homes to rent them out. We called them and they will rent my house to me for $1200.00 a month. Well at least he’s not upside down in his loan like I was. My mortgage owed on the house was $230000.00 and house was only appraised at $77000.00. New owner wants to rent to me for same price as house payment was.
    Yesterday March 26,2012 I called the place or law firm handling our modification and they said they filed a reverse sale paper with the courts. Today they called and told my wife we now have to wait till they serve us Eviction papers. You know what? I don’t believe them. Anymore. They act like there still working on the modification. Theirs no end to this mess.

    In short my former employer violated my rights and I was Wrongfully Terminated.
    My former employer told the EDD that I had quit my job which denied my
    Unemployment benefits.
    With only my wives income our mortgage and bills run behind.
    Our mortgage company was rude and had no intensions of helping us.
    We go into default and foreclosure is initiated.
    Presidents last speech to Banks to HELP HOME OWNERS STAY IN THEIR
    HOMES……the banks didn’t care what the President stated on National TV.
    We went thru a HUD program and signed contract with a law firm that couldn’t
    even stop the sale date of our home. They had over a month to take us off the list.
    Our mortgage OUR HOME is sold at an Auction after obtaining legal help.
    We loved our home and its sold to an investor cheap to rent out instead of working
    With us to keep our home.

    Well I guess the next step is to evict us. We have no more savings to move nor a place to go, so I guess it will be court after that. Our family is reaching out for someone that can see there is something wrong with this picture besides me. Please write if you or someone you know can be honest and help us. In the professions that my wife a Teacher and me in Healthcare have done nothing but teach and care for people. Its hard to believe
    all the different people dwelled with deceiving and dishonesty working against you in a time of need. It’s sad to think how many people have gone thru this and how many more that will. People never know till it hits home.
    I am sending this to people, government and other various agencies in hopes that I may get some helpful advice.

    Richard S Bunting
    1235 Oakhurst dr
    San Bernardino, ca 92404
    909 379-9971

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