March 21, 2012

Conserve Energy, Save Money and Generate Jobs

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Recently, HUD awarded $23 million to a dozen organizations as part of a new pilot program to bring energy-saving solutions to the multifamily housing market. HUD’s pilot program reaches far beyond an attempt to go green – it will serve as a model to provide solutions that will reduce energy consumption, save money and generate “green” jobs in construction, property management, and technical analysis.

Grant recipients like the Community Environmental Center, Inc, of Long Island City, NY which received $3,000,000 and NRG Solutions LLC, of Boston, MA which received $5,250,000 are among a group of affordable housing providers, technology firms, academic institutions and philanthropic organizations selected to help test new approaches to implement and finance energy-saving upgrades.

The goals for this pilot group are to bring down the cost in their existing multifamily developments, develop innovative ideas and mechanisms that could potentially be replicated nationally, as well as help create industry standards in the home energy efficiency retrofit market.

To view a complete list of the grant recipients, visit HUD’s website.

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