February 6, 2012

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Secretary Donovan speaks to homeowners seeking relief in Raleigh, North Carolina













President Obama takes on housing in his weekly address.

Bloomberg News notes that he is focused on eliminating “drag” from the market.

“…we can’t wait for Congress on these.” –Secretary Donovan

And the New York Times endorses the President’s refinancing plan.

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  1. Mr. Secretary, You made the statement below regarding the big lawsuit against the big banks and the illegal foreclosure lawsuit. WHY… don’t you address HUD’s dirty little secret ” the affects on mortgages after discontinuing the HUD assignment in 1996″. I am a victim of that fiasco, I’m 26 years plus into a mortgage that by your admission was not a good program and so you testified before congress for permission to shut the program down. Why won’t you address and/or speak out about that?

    “There were many small wrongs that were done here,” said U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan. “This does not resolve everything. We will be aggressive about going after claims elsewhere.”

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