January 10, 2012

Providing Quality Housing Counseling

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In an effort to continue providing quality housing counseling to America’s homeowners, buyers and renters, HUD announced today the availability of $2 million in housing counseling grants.  These funds are available to provide training activities that will improve and standardize the quality of counseling provided by HUD-approved housing counseling agencies.

This year, HUD’s Housing Counseling grant program will provide more than $40 million for comprehensive counseling, Reverse Mortgage Counseling, and supplemental funding for Mortgage Modification and Mortgage Scam Assistance.

To learn more about this Notice of Funding Availability, visit Grants.gov.  If you would like to sit down with a HUD approved housing counselor, you can visit HUD’s website to find one near you.

4 Responses to Providing Quality Housing Counseling

  1. Dear HUD,
    As I know you are trying to be an equal housing lender, but serios problems still exsist . I have had some violations by my landlords, you do not report these violations to housing authorities for you will be violated again by being forced out of your home, because the landlord owns section 8 because of all the properties comes power. My experiences with section 8 has been so stressing and depressing, I would like to own a property just to get out from section 8 ,but I cannot seem to get out of this viscous cycle, can someone please help! Jen

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  3. I have not qualified for any of the loan modification programs and am upside down on my mortgage. Can someone contact me, please? 818-822-3320

  4. hello,myname is juanita miller i am deaf i look for help for apt try best for me and mysocial work is support with me thought help for apt and i have mykids and i cant find for llook apt so hum need support help to me thx bless god to you too me welcome thx

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