January 10, 2012

HUD Awards Grants to 13 Communities

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Today, Secretary Donovan announced the 13 communities that were chosen to receive HUD’s Choice Neighborhood Planning Grants.  These communities will receive a total $3.6 million.

The funds awarded target public housing communities that are in need of revitalization. According to Secretary Donovan, “These communities can now begin the comprehensive planning needed to turn distressed housing and long-neglected neighborhoods into viable and sustainable mixed-income communities that support positive outcome for families.”

In addition, these grants will incentivize local communities to facilitate their own plans to create viable neighborhood transformation. Selected communities have shown a commitment to improving education, public transportation and job growth, as well. Also today, Donovan announced another $110 million in implementation grants available to transform public and assisted housing and to revitalize communities.  Appearing in today’s Federal Register is the Notice of Funding Availability, the federal application, for the FY 2012 Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Program.  Read HUD’s funding notice.

The Choice Neighborhood program is a part of a larger, multi-agency collaboration effort implemented by President Obama.  Known as the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative, the program partners HUD with the Treasury, Justice, Education and Health and Human Services departments to support local solutions for sustainable, mixed-income neighborhoods with the affordable housing, safe streets and good schools all families need.

More information about the Choice Neighborhood Planning Grants can be found here.

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