January 3, 2012

The Fight Against Homelessness cont.

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The end of 2011 was a turning point for the Obama administration’s fight against homelessness. We announced $1.5 billion in resources to help keep our homeless shelters open and give hope to families in time for the holidays. We also rolled out new findings showing a reduction in homelessness even during these tough economic times. Even more encouraging was the twelve percent drop in homelessness among our nation’s Veterans. Emily Kopp of Federal News Radio covers this remarkable accomplishment in a piece today that explores the collaborative efforts of HUD and our friends at Veteran’s Affairs. Please give it a read!

2 Responses to The Fight Against Homelessness cont.

  1. Dep. Of vet. Affairs seems to be lost in the loop, I am a homless vet livingnin the shelter. Please assist …..

  2. The dept of vet affairs seems to be left out the loop. I am homeless and living in the shelters, please assist.

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