November 18, 2011

Help Spread the Word: New White House Business Council Forum

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In case you haven’t heard, just two days ago the White House Business Council launched the online Business Forum. The Business Forum will connect entrepreneurs, business owners and the business community as a whole with the Administration.

So, if you’re part of the business community, this is your chance to submit ideas you feel will improve the Administration’s policymaking to help create jobs and grow the economy. You’ll also be able to ask questions and get answers from Administration officials.

To get the conversation started, the Forum is asking for feedback on the following two topics:

  • BusinessUSA, one-stop online platform where businesses of all sizes can get access to services and information to help them grow and hire.
  • Executive Actions, soliciting ideas for executive actions President Obama can take right now, without waiting for Congress, to create jobs and grow the economy.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join this very important conversation because as President Obama has said, “We can’t wait to take action.”

Help spread the word.  Visit the White House Business Council Forum and tell your friends about it!

To share your ideas on how HUD can transform the way it does business visit HUD Ideas in Action.

To learn about what HUD is doing to help put Americans to work, visit the Project Rebuild site.

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