November 4, 2011

Looking into the Light: A story about homelessness

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Earlier this week, Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development Mercedes Márquez unveiled the “Looking into the Light” photo exhibit with Dr. Ellen Bassuk, President of the National Center on Family Homelessness.

On display at HUD headquarters, the photos highlight the stories of homeless families and children.  The exhibit engages viewers in the experience of family homelessness and the plight of homeless children, explores why families with young children are a sizable and growing part of the American homeless population, and opens viewers to the vision that with their participation we can put an end to this problem.

“Looking into the Light” photos featured at HUD headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Assistant Secretary Mercedes Márquez views the “Looking into the Light” photos.

Assistant Secretary Márquez and Dr. Ellen Bassuk discuss the photos in the “Looking into the Light” exhibit.


Assistant Secretary Márquez talks to Street Sense, a Washington, D.C. newspaper focusing on homelessness, about the photo exhibit.

“Looking into the Light” photos featured at HUD headquarters in Washington, D.C.

3 Responses to Looking into the Light: A story about homelessness

  1. Homelessness is the “issue” that wrenches my heart. As a Realtor(r), I always advise my buyer clients to “buy what you can afford on one salary”; Be prepared for the What If’s of life. I love selling cause it is about the satisfaction of making home ownership a reality, not about the commission because if there is no heartwarming feeling, I am not here to devaste someone’s future.

    Mortgage lenders, real estate agents and our government officers need to be vigilant in providing our citizens steadfast economy and health and stop looking at their own pocket book.

  2. i’m out of work unable to find work credit is bad live in a house with no way of paying bills property taxes and cutting the grass. the outside of the home look bad. i have no kids am alone. what can i do

  3. Ericka, I was homeless for five years but it was of my own doing for the want of drugs. Ididn’t feel it. Recently I had an incident where my job advised me to resign so I could be reinstated if possible. Couldn’t get unemployment, had to take all of my retirement to survive. I have to start over with that but I had to do what I had to do. I’m alone too. I couldn’t imagine losing everything I’d worked for but… I go out and cut the grass to distract myself and pray. Don’t worry about your credit or how your home looks, get a plan, find friends, if necessary, go to a shelter…sonetimes that’s the easiest way to get Section 8 or low income housing. It’s a hard step but self preservation comes before property. You can always get that back, maybe even something better.

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