October 28, 2011

Working toward One America

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Yesterday, Secretary Donovan traveled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to address the Building One Pennsylvania Public Meeting which is a membership organization of Building One America.  A partnership between community leaders, Building One America and Building One Pennsylvania have one goal in mind – to stabilize and revitalize their communities.

In his remarks to local elected, faith and civic leaders, Secretary Donovan stressed the importance of working together as one to ensure that every American family has the opportunity they need to be a part of winning the future.  He also discussed exactly how President Obama and his Administration are working together to reach that goal.

Through the expansion of tax credits and the American Recovery Act program, the Obama Administration has stopped the bleeding to our most vulnerable families while keeping our middle class families grounded.  And thanks to the Recovery Act, a million men, women, and children have been saved from homelessness.

Secretary Donovan also pointed out in his remarks how President Obama is thinking long term and laying the foundation for our middle class through programs like the American Opportunity Tax Credit and access to Head Start and child care assistance.

He also highlighted how federal agencies are working together as one to stabilize and revitalize communities.  Through a partnership between HUD, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Transportation communities are reducing housing and transportation costs for families.  A perfect example is Pittsburgh.  Through the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, they have been able to convert vacated industrial land into a new transportation corridor.  This not only connects families with affordable housing, transportation, and jobs but it drives smart growth to regions that need to complete.  Now that’s smart planning!

Now, the President has proposed the American Jobs Act to build on the hard work that has already begun.  A component of the American Jobs Act, President Obama has proposed Project Rebuild to build on the success of HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP).  Not only will Project Rebuild stabilize our hardest hit neighborhoods but it would create 200,000 jobs across the country. 

Our goals won’t be met if we are unable to work together as one.  That is why Secretary Donovan stressed that we must work together to have this important legislation passed.

                “Because this isn’t just about a piece of legislation.  This isn’t just about a bill on Capitol Hill.  It’s about moving forward.  Not you, not me.  But together.”

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