October 25, 2011

Project Rebuild Travels down South

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Today, Secretary Donovan traveled south to Atlanta to highlight the continued success of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP).  Along with Mayor Kasim Reed, Secretary Donovan visited, The Retreat at Edgewood – a 100 unit townhouse and stacked flats multifamily project. 

Nestled within the Edgewood Community of Atlanta, the project is set to create 40 NSP assisted units which will be set aside for the Atlanta Housing Authority through their Project Based Rental Assistance Program.  Not too long ago, this neighborhood like many others was filled with vacant and abandoned properties.  Thanks to the $2.7 million in NSP funds, this neighborhood is beginning to thrive and properties values are beginning to rise.

But wait, there’s more.  This is just the start of something beautiful for the City of Atlanta and all across the country.  Project Rebuild, a component of President Obama’s Jobs Act promises to build upon the success of NSP.  Under NSP, Edgewood Project is already set to create 165 jobs and if enacted, Project Rebuild will create over 600 jobs in the City of Atlanta alone.  This means that as much as $4.7 million will be put back into Atlanta to not only put Americans back to work but to revitalize our homes, our business and our communities.  Across the State of Georgia, Project Rebuild will create nearly 7,000 jobs and provide as much as $543 million to revitalize neighborhoods.  This is just in the State of Georgia alone!  Across the country, Project Rebuild will be putting nearly 200,000 Americans back to work.

Project Rebuild has the ability to allow cities across the country to create the much needed jobs while revitalizing their dilapidated neighborhoods.  But don’t take my word for it.  Visit HUD’s website to learn more about Project Rebuild and the impact it could have in your community.

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  1. I went to the HUD website and got the full info on Project Rebuild but why are there very little outlets to find this information? If this info was more readibly available, we might see more action!
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  2. Sir,I am a contractor working in the Western region of the United States mostly Utah areas for Asset Management companies. I have been a Property Preservation Contractor for over thirty years. FOR HUD FHA THE BANKS AND OTHERS AS OF DATED They which are Asset Management companies which contract with all the major players /banks /FHA /Fannie/ and Freddie/ continue to let me know that I must bid at their prices or not get the work. In other words, I bid the job and they kick it back to me VIA the internet,stating that I have to cut the bid to what they want it to be including their 20% off the top which i have to pay them anyway to get any work . The field reps or coordinators are in actuality bidding the jobs for Other Assett Management companies. I submit all the photos and a detailed bid. The reps jump on the internet or some other data base and decide what the price should be for each item/job order that I have bid. They return it to me with their figures in place, erasing, yes erasing my figures and replacing it with their own. If I refuse to do the job for the price they want, they simply stop sending work orders until I come to my senses and cooperate with them. The costs to do the most of the jobs are in the red most of the time please read on. They are not even paying up to the HUD Spec Allowables see HUD SITE FOR PROPERTY PRESERVATION in many instances. It is a joke. Some young girl is sitting at a desk making $12.00 an hour and telling me how to repair and rebuild the home. These Foreclosed homes are being maintained at a substandard levels if at all. They are deteriorating and becoming blights to the neighborhood, selling at below market values if they sell at all, dragging down the prices of all the homes in the neighborhood. Neighbors are contacting the board of health on many of these homes as they are unsafe and present health hazards to the area. I have bid on these homes, per the banks request, just to clean them up, but the Banks and Other Asset Management companies are not approving any work. The banks are allowing these homes to fall into complete disrepair then selling them “as is” at tremendously discounted prices. Where did all the bailout money go? It is not being put back into these homes and there are literally millions of them…..unsold, dilapidated and on many occasions, a compete hazard, Just left there, nobody doing anything. Any damages that I have found such as roof leaks, plumbing leaks, etc, are now being left broken and not repaired so damage continues to occur. It is mind boggling why the banks are allowing this. It should be a crime. Many times Other Asset Management companies will have me move all the outside debris into the house or garage rather than pay me to haul it to the dump. That way the neighbors won’t complain about all the debris and garbage around the outside of the house and the Banks//Other Asset Management companies don’t have to really come up with a lot of funds to do the job. The only people buying these properties are investors, looking for dirt cheap deals and Boy, there are some good deals out there. Homes are literally selling for pennies on the dollar…..further destroying the housing market and dragging down everyone’s home value.

    I have thousands of pictures of homes basically abandoned by the banks and /Other Asset Management companies if you are interested.

    Thank You for you time concerned American

  3. I am interested in learning more about your program, is this program for low income? if not, how would i apply for the program? I await for your reply with the highiest hope.

    sincerely yours, Natasha Warren.

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