October 14, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Happy Friday, HUDdle readers! In case you missed it, the White House released a report today showcasing what the Administration has done to reduce poverty and create opportunity. Check it out here.

And now, here’s the dish on today’s housing news:

The Huffington Post opens a series exploring suburban poverty.

Martin Feldstein proposes his solution to housing market woes.

In Cleveland, a land bank is helping return neighborhoods struggling with foreclosures to solid ground. (Story pique your interest? Be sure to check out our post below on how Project Rebuild would help land banks Cleveland’s create more jobs and stabilize more neighborhoods.)

Lots of coverage from cities receiving HUD grants.

In Indianapolis, new housing is both eco-friendly and affordable.

What do you do with an old shoe factory? PA’s Lebanon County mulls turning theirs into homes for the elderly.

A Philadelphia public housing development is getting props for its sustainability.

Keeping with the sustainability beat, a Portland organization is on the hunt for green neighborhoods.

And one New York town has replaced an infamously blighted development with housing for low-income seniors.

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