October 6, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Please enjoy today’s edition of housing news responsibly.

HUD Assistant Secretary Mercedes Marquez takes to The Hill to make the case for Project Rebuild.

Secretary Donovan takes that case to Richmond, Virginia.

Yglesias thinks Chicago gets urban planning mostly right.

Foreclosures are still weighing down the housing market.

New program in Massachusetts help the homeless transition to affordable housing.

And Missoula, Montana is the latest community to make a pledge to end homelessness altogether.

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  1. I’m a realtor that have sold many HUD homes. In my effort to first time home buyer move in those houses, I’m encountering more and more problems. The case number is #491-904233 my client has exented twice already, the closing documents have been in title almost a month now. I was told by the asset manager that the contract will be probably cancelled anyway. I need to talk to a HUD government Technical Closing Manager. I need help, I need to to talk to someone.

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