September 30, 2011

HUD Speaks Your Language

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Finding help and seeking advice can be hard. Imagine how much harder it gets when you’re not sure how to ask for it. That’s why HUD is awarding $649,000 to organizations in diverse communities across the country to help break through any language barriers.  By helping those with limited English proficiency access information on HUD programs, services, activities and housing in their native languages, we’re helping make sure that all families have a chance to find decent housing and to improve their neighborhoods.

In languages from Arabic to Vietnamese and from Amharic to Urdu, local organizations will help serve populations who vary from sponsored refugees to families from all over who contribute to the diversity upon which this nation has always prided itself. In Queens, the Chhaya Community Development Corporation will serve approximated 675 non-native speakers with 15 workshops and training sessions in target languages. In California, Kurdish Human Rights Watch, Inc. will assist speakers of six languages with such proposals as  designing and developing posters, brochures, and training tools about HUD’s Fair Housing and Home Ownership programs. And those are just a few examples.

America has always been a mosaic society, defined and enlivened by the panoply of cultures we embrace and languages we speak. HUD knows that diversity – including diversity of languages – is a tremendous part of what brings communities to life. With all the value different cultures add to our communities, language shouldn’t prevent anyone from finding and keeping the safe, decent, affordable housing they deserve.

To read HUD’s full press release, click here.

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