September 30, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Happy Friday, HUDdle fans!

Michigan picked for pilot program designed to strengthen rental housing.

Fed President pushes for more action on refinancing for homeowners.

Our service members deserve nothing less, kudos to Treasury.

Some senior housing in Alaska is getting an energy-efficient upgrade.

And today is the last day to vote in the Solar Decathlon.

2 Responses to Daily Housing News Round-Up

  1. Anything that can help homeowners who are underwater and past due on their mortgages would be beneficial. A significant amount of homeowners have never fully recovered from the recession. They face unemployment or underemployment and current prospects are still not good. This must be taken into consideration when developing programs designed to assist families. For example, I lost my employment with a large company. I was able to find new employment but at half the earnings. I am also assisting in starting up a company at which is designed to assist consumers in a similar situation. Assistance in housing is great but don’t ignore the underlying employment issue.

  2. This is definitely welcome news given that the current economic climate and very stringent lending rules by banks have made home ownership difficult for first time buyers and those with mid-range credit.

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