September 21, 2011

HUD Grants Nearly $9 Million to Support Americans with HIV/AIDS

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It’s no secret that a tough economy makes it even harder for low-income families and individuals to get by. Imagine, then, the struggles faced by those contending not just with poverty, but with HIV/AIDS. Among the primary goals in the White House’s National HIV/AIDS Strategy are improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities for those living with this disease – and it’s certainly difficult to live the healthiest lifestyle possible without a place to call home.

Fortunately, HUD’s Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program offers communities essential resources to serve those facing an illness that affects more than 1.1 million Americans. Today, HUD announced nearly $9 million in HOPWA funding help address the basic needs of these vulnerable citizens. Seven cities and organizations will use this money to deliver permanent and transitional housing and support services to families and individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. To read the full release and see the specifics on the seven cities and groups receiving HOPWA funding, click here.

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  1. thankGODalways
    were (me ( 8 months baby) and lady 22ys) living in richmond ,VA 23222 ,USA …..
    on 1 sep 2011 we receive note from judge to live the apartment(for no income family) with no reason ,then sent email ….
    on 6th sep 2011 the police came and kick all family and change the lock …..
    the lady take the baby to some friends and me living homeless…..
    this is no heart people ……no rules can kick the family out side the baby is american 8 month baby…we try to send email to all goverment in usa and all the world … CNN to all news …..
    whats this rule to kick family (have greencards) and baby 8 months (living more than 2 years as legal refugees) we still outside this is so harbele people no merciful …no rules people
    the baby need help he is amercan baby ….and the family……
    today is 23 sep 2011 we still waiting for GOD judgment and our people with merciful hearts

    Adnan Malih

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