September 15, 2011

HUD Grants $93 Million to Protect Kids from Lead Paint and Home Hazards

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The United States banned lead paint for residential use more than thirty years ago, but it was once so prevalent that HUD estimates approximately 24 million homes still have enough lead-based paint to pose a hazard to families – and especially children. That’s why today’s announcement of $93 million in grants to help 39 local projects aimed at protecting families and kids from lead-based paint risks and other hazards in the home is so important.

These grants will promote public awareness of lead-based and other dangers in the home and will help clean up nearly 7,000 houses, preventing kids from enduring lead-linked health consequences that too often follow them into adulthood.

For more information on HUD’s Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control, click here. And head over here for the full press release.

2 Responses to HUD Grants $93 Million to Protect Kids from Lead Paint and Home Hazards

  1. To get the conversation started on this post, $93 million to clean up lead based paint for 7,000 homes equals $13,285 per house sounds like a high cost.

    Al Hardymon

  2. I have been accepted in to the voucher program, Could you please contact me and let me know WHAT TO DO my landlord does not take care of his property he actually just raised my rent $100.00 and it is hazardous to my children 18yr 9 yr 3 yrs old (3 kids) My ceiling came down and I was a nervous wreck in this 2nd floor dwelling seems rather strange that since my moving in my baby at the time got Kawasaki disease and was dying in my arms at the age of 17 mths he had a fever of 106.7 I was trying to make him well but all I could do as a mother was bring him to Children’s Hospital in Boston where they had me sign approx. 12 papers or more. I had to put all my faith in these doctors as my maternal instincts was not enough they all one by one enetered the room stating this disease. As he was lifeless in my arms they gave him a blood transfusion and he responded immediately my baby was saved this Hospital and these Doctors was absolutely correct witht his diagnosis. We neeed diagnostic testing the air mildew and room this house does not feel safe I can’t take it anymore I need to know if my kids are safe my 3 kids 18 yr college but, my 9, and 3 what about me is this air safe to even be breathing in?????? Please help us

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