September 13, 2011

The Recovery Act Works: Preventing Homelessness for One Million Americans

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Today, HUD celebrates a milestone in a program aimed at filling one of a family’s most basic needs amid financial trouble: a safe place to call home. At today’s meeting of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, Secretary Donovan announced that the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program, a $1.5 billion initiative funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, has prevented or ended homelessness for one million Americans.

Since 2009, HPRP has helped communities keep families in their homes and quickly find places to live for those already in shelters or on the streets. HPRP gives equips local grantees with the tools they need to make a difference for families in a pinch – tools like short- and medium-term rental assistance, help with security deposits and utility payments, legal services, and case management. The program isn’t geared toward long-term assistance or foreclosure prevention. Instead, HPRP is all about that little extra – the little extra that, as the Secretary has stated, “can make all the difference between finding or keeping a stable home and being forced to live in a shelter or on the streets.”

A robust economic recovery for America starts at home – and HPRP has ensured that one million Americans still have one. Click here to read the full press release.

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  1. Where do I find more information on this? My back is against the wall and I need anything that will actually be helpful. Thank you.

  2. I had been housed in Faith House Transitional Shelter for women and children until July of 2011. I applied at Villa Maria Apartments in Lafayette, La in March. I subsequently lost my job in May. I was told that my income was short of qualification. I added my daughter to boost up my income because I had very little time left at the shelter, and going back to my abusive home was not an option, I needed a place to stay. No one in this office told me about the Recovery Program, knowing I was coming out of a shelter and struggling terribly. The stress was overwhelming. So my Food Assistance was terminated and my son’s disability check was also decreased, because I had to add my daughter to my lease. I get an apartment that obviously suffered an extreme roach infestation. It was evident due to the feces that still exists in some areas, also the insulation is disgusting. I have collected a sample of the insulation and the feces that is on the woodwork in my kitchen. Zita Folley is such a mean and cold-hearted person, when asked to correct things that are wrong. I can mail these samples to HUD for analyzation.I feel slighted because I am just trying to make it out here with my two young sons, one of whom is an Asthmatic. Roach feces and Asthma are not companions. Now I wish to get back into school to finish my Culinary Arts Degree, with only two classes left. I also feel I was bamboozled into paying the highest rent possible here. Trying to talk to Zita is like putting a gun to your own head. Surely I can’t be this unlucky. I see why women go back to thier abusers, the people who are put into position to help you have attitudes and prejudices. Thank you for your time. Is it too late to get some kind of help?

  3. I am currently self-employed at 60 yrs. old. However, my income was drastically reduced. I’ve earned roughly $1,800.00 to 700.00 in a month’s time. I’m afraid of being thrown out of my place due to such a downturn in the economy and my financial situation. I don’t know where to go from this point. I need help! Please give me your assistance.

  4. Ilost my home in georgia,2010 I have been Homelees since then came back to ny right now i am staying with my sister since march 4th 2011 she asked me toleave I have a16 year I only work parttime ineed help to get place

    ‘ 2010

  5. Ihave a 16 year Ineed help getting some where to live Ihave to move out from my sister apt by the end of month Ionly work part time Please help me

    • Im about to be homeless with three kids in a four days. what can i do? how can i get help fast? i have seven pins in my left ankle,i cant work right now until my second surgery.

    • Please Contact your cities local housing and or welfare department so you can apply for a program like this.They do not just give help away, you have to ask for it.If you don’t ask for it than how are they suppose to know who you are to offer it?Ask and you shall receive if you can be patient with the system and qualify under the programs income guidelines.

  6. Im a single mother of 4 children about 3 weeks ago my roof collapsed harming my 7 and 10 year old while sleeping at 3:30 a.m im on public housing they have not yet tried to help place me or repair the damages to my appt leaving us homeless i dont know were to go ferom here

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  8. I would like to see some of the homes and houses built with recovery act money where do I go to see the homes and how and where the money was spent. and how do I become eligible for the assistance.

  9. I want to find out how to get funds to build a home that is very energy efficient. I seen on the news where a home that was very easy to heat and cool by using styrofoam as the insulation and her electric bill only cost about $60.00 a month all year. Please help me with the information to do this, Thank you

    • If you meet low income guidelines and have a stable job than you should attend a home owners seminar at your Local Habitat for Humanity.All of the homes are built energy efficient and use the most sustainable building practices.It a program worth taking a look in to if you are serious.They ask that you also provide 500 hours of work toward the project.Also try looking on your States website for a home energy assistance program or even on your electric bill (this information should be provided there as well).I live in Ohio and we have a program called HEAP that provides assistance with a variety of heating and cooling needs and they also provide a percentage of income program too; you would only pay what they felt you could afford to pay monthly on your bill.


    • You cant ask the Government for help here on this blog, they pay journalists to write these articles strictly to keep Americans informed of what they are doing with our tax dollars.You need to contact your local housing authority or welfare office.Also try contacting your local Consumer Protection agency.In Cleveland it is called the CEGOC.They are suppose to have $300 in funds available to anyone that applies for the aid.Again, another complicated process.They do not make asking for help very easy in this country otherwise everyone would do it and no one would work.It is very tough for people who genuinely need the support and are not trying to abuse it.

  11. My wife and I are being evicted next Friday 9-30-11 by Indymac/Deutsche Bank. We were in the process of a loan modification application after we were told the foreclosure date had been lifted. We had $40,000.00 equity in our home and are losing everything due to the fraudulent practice of Indymac Bank. This can’t be happening, but it is.

  12. What a load … There are more homeless now than ever.Maybe the people that write this Malarcky should take a look around, where is the help … Rent is only going up pay is staying the same there is nothing affordable, and if you have no place to live, you have no job.

  13. I am a Urban Studies major.If you want the help from these types of programs than you will need to plan in advance because these programs take time to apply and get approved.You need to contact you local housing department and or welfare office and also ask to be placed on the section 8 waiting list which could take months or years for a place to become available for you.In the mean time, Pray, god can and will do more for you than any of these programs ever can.This program reached 1 million, god changes the lives of the billions that believe in him.

  14. I myself have been homeless since 2004, due to injuries I sustained on Active Duty from the U.S. Army, also becoming ill with 3 incurable illnesses, in addition to being divorced by a U.S. Army Active Duty Service member. My housing went when we divorced. I came back to California my home town and have been homeless since! I have fallen through the cracks and have not had any help. I asked a congressman, where is my bail out money for a house and their was no answer and they were more affixed on my Homelessness! If I had a home I would not be homeless. I am only rated at 40% disabled through the VA even though my injuries keep me from doing all of my regular work! I ask the Government Where Is My Bail Out Money????…….

  15. I have been on the Section 8 waiting list since about 2006 and still NOTHING!!!!!!…..I Do Not qualify for welfare, because I do not have a child living with me. I did my Active Duty left my daughter in temporary care with her father. I returned after getting kicked off of active Duty U.S.Army with injuries. I could not work due to these injuries, as a result I saw a judge to get back my daughter, the judge said, “I have no income to support my daughter, in addition; You can be deployed” I got my daughter taken away from me! I have never felt so betrayed by my country as I did the day they took my daughter away from me! I still feel the pain to this day, like if it happened yesterday! Apparently the judge forgot about welfare and no one gets deployed with injuries!!!….But you can’t talk back to a ignorant judge! If you think this is bad, you have no idea about my military life!

  16. Shana Johson- Seek a Attorney to sue for pain, suffering and medical Bills. That place you stayed in should have been checked out for safety. That is terrible your children had to pay for their negligence!
    Everyone with Children- Good news It will be easier for you all to find housing because you have children. I found this out when tiring to get help from being homeless myself. Single Men and Single women- it is easier to get help if you have substance abuse. They should have shelters to stay over night at least, if it is available. Be careful with bedding. I stayed in a place like this and got lice! If you do get lice use Olive Oil or mayonnaise and cover with a shower cap over night.It will suffocate those bugs! Great for conditioning your hair too, especially if it’s dry hair!
    Handicapped- This is really hard for us to get help, especially if their is no substance abuse. I was discriminated at Father Joe’s. Now you could lie about having a substance abuse, but I do not recommend it, but if you are to go into a substance abuse program just to get off the street, just remember if you are a chronic pain patient and take opiates(pain killers), I doubt you will have any luck joining!
    Some cities have help resource information lines, if so these numbers can sometimes be found at Health and Human Resources(Welfare). In Southern CA it is 211. Good Luck All! And My God Bless Us All!
    If all else fails write a Congress person/Senator/President and see if they help. Mine directed me to the VA Homeless Outreach, which did not help me, when I first became homeless and now! But it does not mean it won’t help you! Maybe they might see we need more programs to help our own, before helping other countries!

  17. Where can I find help; this is my first home and because of a bankruptcy almost 2 years ago, no bank will help me keep it. I purchased it through owner financing and certain financial situations came up; such as my husband lost a lot of hours. Now we are only one month behind and the seller’s mother stated that either we come up with the full balance owed on the house or they are foreclosing on it and we will lose it. I have two small children (5 yr and 4 yrs) how is this fair, we are still paying is there anyone out there that can help me?

  18. My 40 year old son (who has bi-polar disorder) and I are homeless. I was defrauded of my retirement pension of almost $400,000. If anybody in the Orange County area can help us, please call me at 562 282-7199. Thank you and God Bless you, Joan

  19. I have a FHA loan and I am two months behind on my rent is there a program for me my currunt mortgate is with Bank of America they said i would not qualify for a modification, I have a daughter in college and having a hard time paying all the bill please advise if HUD offers asstance if i could get my apr reduce would help its 8% now.Please

  20. Friends….As a former government employee, I am going to try to offer you all some advice. I don’t guarantee any of it, but it cannot hurt to check it out. If you are elderly, seek help through the Department of Aging. If you have been discriminated against, they can offer guidance. For all states, there is social services departments (typically located in your local District or Circuit courthouses), reach out to community and Church shelters (find this either from a local Pastor or from Social services), and some states offer “Low Rent Vouchers” like here in Maryland either through Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Office, or “Shore Up”. For Utility help in MD call MEAP (Maryland Energy Assistance Program). Food stamps are available through your local Dept Soc Service’s office. If you are a homeowner NOW, consider a REVERSE mortgage to pay… BY LAW…YOU CANNOT BE EVICTED WITHOUT THE LANDLORD GIVING YOU 30 DAYS MINIMUM WRITTEN (I REPEAT IN MUST BE WRITTEN) NOTICE!!!! You have rights…it is VERY hard for them to evict you!! If they do not follow this Federal mandate, you could possibly sue them. (Consult an attorney, I am NOT one…) And remember…. Nothing is by accident. You are in this predicament for a reason… Is God trying to give you a message? Read DEEP between the lines…He wants you to rely on HIM….not the system. Soon, He will return…are you ready to accept Him yet?? Like a good lawyer, He will always be by your side…if you allow and accept Him to be… Ask and you shall receive….once you do?? He promises NEVER to leave you or forsake you!! 🙂 God Bless You!!!

  21. My back is agaist the wall like many others in the USA.Exwife just up and walk out of me and my kids home 3yrs ago ,now everything is messes,13yrs on my job and they close the doors ,so now my mortage company just sold my house with out tryin to help me ,so now another house sitting in another neibrohood goin bab.there sud be sum program to help good poeple in the USA instaed of spending all the money on these wars that we dont have nothing to do with,I’m not sayin not help other counyies ,but lets focus on the home front frist.

  22. I tried to get help thru CHFA in Rocky Hill ,providdd them with the required info..they waited to the last minute to tell me they ran out of money. Im facing foreclosure and need help.

  23. I left a bad marriage two years ago which caused a severe disparity in income and dropped me below the poverty line. I see many desperate stories here! I waited two years for my name to come up to the top of the list for HUD rental assistance. The application states on page 5 “Do you have a medical marijuana recommendation?” I live in California which is a legal medical marijuana state under prop. 215. The application DOES NOT ask about any other medical info. Just that. Then, there is some small print that says, “Your info will only be used for the purposes in which it is gathered”.
    NOW, YOU TELL ME–If a person were to answer “yes” to that question, even though this is a CITY HUD within the state of CALIFORNIA–Tell me why that info is even relevant to whether they will rent-assist or not?? The icing on this BITTER CAKE: You can be a CONVICTED CRIMINAL, PAROLED AND TIME SERVED..and YOU MAY BE eligible to receive assistance. THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG: THE RIDICULOUS CHASM BETWEEN STATE AND FEDERAL LAW! They would sooner help a CONVICT than to risk giving rental assistance to a POT SMOKER. Raise your hand if you know any violent pot smokers…No? I DIDN’T THINK SO!
    That just makes me mad. We citizens are stuck in the middle between what the Cal VOTERS voted for, and what BIG BROTHER will allow. Grow up. Pot is the very least of the evils.

  24. Our country is at the Cross-roads of our development as a nation. The mean spirit and lack of human decency is spreading like a new plague.I devoted most of my life to counselling and teaching poor to middle class children, battered women, homeless and ex-felons.When my Los Angeles non-profit started to fail for lack of funding, a wealthy film executive gave me a few contacts which required me to leave the U.S. for years.

    I met with trading groups,investors,academics,bankers,Finance Ministers in Developing and Emerging Countries.I met with intelligent,caring,but ambitious men from Saudi Arabia. These men with brilliant ideas,academic credentials and a commitment to bring funding to the poor and middle class people in the U.S., and Africa were summarily dismissed by banks ,universities and business groups in the U.S.My mother,our company and myself were slandered.

    Now we are taking our knowledge and opportunites to the people of a nation in trouble. We are a Grassroots Organization working with U.S. Government Programs to take our nation back to work and placed in decent housing.Nothing is perfect,and hard labor is required.We are applying for contracts, programs,grants, and houses from HUD,USDA,and other agencies and corporations.Foreign investors,trading groups, smart corporations,and kind people might have something to offer as well.Protesters Nationwide and the victims of bad banks must unite under a common cause. We take one problem at a time.Failure is not an option.

  25. I was widowed in March 2011 and have struggled until now paying the bills. My husband left me nothing but $400,000 in medical bills in his cancer fight. I am totally and permanently disable and only receive $785.00 a month in Social Security Disability and I have two daughters to support. I contacted my local HUD office to find out abourt Housing Voucher. The woman I spoke with was rather rude and told me in no uncertain terms that they are not accepting applications. First off it was my understanding that the disabled took priority but this woman did not want to help at all. She wouldn’t even let me explain to her the circumstances. I need help and I need it now.

  26. I am 76 years of age upon moving from California to see my family who I hadn’t seen in years,only to find they were in bad shape due to being jobless,in Cincinnati,and in doing so I reported to Social Security commission that I was here and would be here for a few months. I doing so they deducted $360.oo from my check leaving me with $632.00 to live from,I had nowhere to stay.I am homeless at present using my uncaring daughter’s address for mail.It is getting cold and I am unprepared I need help what do i do.
    Here is my mailing address,I am on a public PC and I do not have acessment everyday.Please write to me telling me how I can get help Please..
    9303 Constitution Dr
    Cincinnati,Ohio 45215

  27. I am a Veteran of 76 years of age and I moved from California to see my family who I hadn’t seen in years,only to find they were in bad shape due to being jobless,in Cincinnati,and in doing so I reported to Social Security commission that I was here and would be here for a few months. I doing so they deducted $360.oo from my check leaving me with $632.00 to live from,I had nowhere to stay.I am homeless at present using my uncaring daughter’s address for mail.It is getting cold and I am unprepared I need help what do i do.
    Here is my mailing address,I am on a public PC and I do not have acessment everyday.Please write to me telling me how I can get help Please..
    9303 Constitution Dr
    Cincinnati,Ohio 45215

  28. I am a veteran of the korean war I am 76 years of age and i am homeless I moved from Sacramento,California to Cincinnati,Ohio to be with my family in my last years of living on this earth.I hadn’t saw my family for many years,but after 2 mos they were tired of me and told me I had to go.So now I am homeless,I have a mailing address that I use because I do not have a computer,I am on a public PC at the present,I haven’t eaten in 2days here is my address please tell me what to have my name, here is my address..9303 Constitution Dr..Cincinnati,Ohio 45215
    Thank You

  29. My comment. I feel america can do more for the american people,If they put aside they difference and work as a team. THE AMERICAN TEAM AS ONE.just remember this, ours kids need to live on this place call mother earth also let keep it clean for their future.

  30. This sounds like a great program, but I can’t find anywhere to apply for it. Is it just another “FALSE” government promise?

  31. There are so many people that need help.I know they feel as tired as I feel. I lost my husband of 28 years Aug. 2008. Never been sick all those years and when I got sick he would work and then come home and take care of me. Two days after his 53rd birthday, we found out that he had brain cancer.. By augs 2008, he was gone. I wonder sometimes how long a person can live in a fog.
    Ever since then, I have been trying to get Bank of America to work with me on getting the payment one the house lowered but, nothing yet.
    If anyone can help me to get a grant or how to qualify with USDA Rural Department I live off of my ss now. I need diability, been turned down twice.So, here I am looking for any and all grants I can apply for. Oh yes, I also lost my car. So it is day in and out here at the house.

    We all are to young and still vital and I know there has to be an answer for all of us, I just pray that helps comes soon.


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