September 12, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Yesterday we honored those our nation lost ten years ago on September 11. Occasions like these remind us at HUD what a remarkable nation we endeavor every day to serve. With that, here’s today’s collection of housing news from coast to coast.

Secretary Donovan discusses the American Jobs Act.

We’re seeing more redevelopment in New Orleans as we work to make it stronger than before.

The Obama administration is still looking for ways to help homeowners.

The Wall Street Journal offers tips on how to reduce energy use and save money at home.

And Las Vegas has seen a dramatic drop in its number of homeless veterans.

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  1. The Wall Street Journal piece emphasizes the growing trend to include more environmentally-sensitive features in our homes. The payback period is shrinking thanks to falling prices on green features. The most significant quote from the article – “I hate spending a lot of money hurting the environment.” Why waste money on lots of energy when it’s costly on a number of fronts?

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