September 6, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. Now that you’re back, we have something else for you to enjoy: today’s housing news.

In light of HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grants announcement, the National Journal takes a closer look at the Obama administration’s approach to community revitalization.

Reuters checks out solar power, which is thriving in spite of a struggling housing market – largely because home builders, utilities, and the government are working together.

St. Petersburg, FL hired a consultant and dramatically decreased its homeless population.

And city regulations in New York are making it all the more common to see mixed-income neighbors sharing the same buildings.

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  1. The Reuters piece is a great example of effective policies creating significant change. Thanks to the numerous federal and state incentive programs to promote the implementation of solar power, these projects continue to be included in development projects even in the face of difficult economic times. These efforts will help set the foundation so that even after a full recovery, solar (and other renewable methods) will become common place – with or without incentives.

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