September 1, 2011

In the News: Choice Neighborhoods Winners Garner Major Press Coverage

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In case you missed it, yesterday HUD announced the winners of its first-ever Choice Neighborhoods implementation grants. Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Seattle will leverage a collective $122 million to rehabilitate severely distressed public and multifamily housing developments and revitalize their surrounding communities.

These cities will use their grant money to go far beyond replacing blighted buildings; they will weave into struggling neighborhoods crucial employment, educational, health, public safety, and transportation resources that promise to turn entire communities around. As the Chicago Tribune reports, “‘Choice Neighborhoods’ is unlike other federal anti-poverty programs because it attempts to bring together disparate social service agencies to improve local schools and tries to bring in businesses like grocery stores, while teaming with neighborhood organizations and police to fight crime in targeted areas.”

Curious to read more about Choice Neighborhoods and the five projects poised to rejuvenate troubled neighborhoods? After the jump, we’ve rounded up major press coverage on the announcement.



New Orleans

San Francisco


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