August 30, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Yesterday the Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP)  deadline was extended until September 15th and today we keep the good news going with positive signs from the housing market. Enjoy the rest of the housing news we were following today:

Alan Zibel writes up yesterdays’ EHLP extension for the Wall Street Journal.

Forbes examines the “urban planning culture war.”

Yglesias takes on Ed Glaeser’s column in a post on Obama’s jobs dilemma.

A Harvard Study finds that affordability of housing is a growing issue.

Harris County, Texas is the latest community to embrace green energy retrofitting.

New York state, too.

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  1. The articles regarding Harris County, Texas, and New York state are great pieces on the growing focus of energy efficiency. In Harris County, the feature development is a new construction project, rather than a retrofit as mentioned above. It’s great to see that this affordable housing development has received LEED Platinum certification, but it is greenfield development. The New York state piece featuring the possible “on-bill” financing option for utility customers to make energy efficient upgrades is very intriguing. Funding is always the major hurdle to do such retrofits and this program has the potential to help manage that hurdle.

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