August 19, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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It’s Friday! Now, we know you’ll miss your daily dose of housing news this weekend, but hopefully today’s round-up will tide you through until Monday. Enjoy these stories – and, of course, your weekend.

California’s attorney general is cracking down on lawyers who, the state says, defrauded vulnerable homeowners in 17 states by offering bogus help with troubled home loans.

Also in the Golden State, Santa Barbara’s public housing authority is hot for solar power, reports the Daily Sound.

DePaul, NY plans to expand housing for the homeless and mentally ill.

In Tampa, one woman has proposed an awesome “Adopt a Vet” initiative to help transition veterans back to society

As most parents out there are well aware, we’re kicking into back-to-school season. @HUDRockyMtns says the Denver Housing Authority is preparing to hand out school supplies to more than 200 children next week.

And NHILC wants to know your thoughts on housing discrimination.


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  1. The Santa Barbara County Housing Authority is a great example that solar panels can’t be affordable. In the end, they were able to add renewable energy sources to these homes for no cost while at the same time reducing tenant utility bills. A great story!

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