August 17, 2011

HUD and EPA Announce $5.65 million to Promote Collaborative Investment in Sustainable Communities

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It’s a message we start learning when we’re small children: It’s silly to fly solo when working together brings better results. Cooperation works – and your government knows it. To best serve America, it’s of paramount importance that disparate federal agencies and our partners do everything we can to break through bureaucratic barriers with an eye on delivering results to you, the American citizen.

Today, HUD is happy to join the Environmental Protection Agency in taking a step toward better, more collaborative government. HUD and EPA have together announced that $5.65 million will be awarded to eight organizations to help improve the way grantees build sustainable communities for the 21st century. As HUD’s press release states, this funding will allow our partners to “create more housing choices, make transportation more efficient and reliable, make more efficient investments in water and wastewater infrastructure, and build vibrant, healthy and economically prosperous neighborhoods for American families.”

Check out the press release here.

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