August 17, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week. To celebrate (or, for those of you who live for the weekends, commiserate), we’re throwing you right in the middle of today’s housing news.

In California, a new housing development will offer a place to live for homeless people struggling with mental illness.

CNNMoney points out that although housing starts are down this month, they’re still up 9.8 percent for the year.

Meanwhile, Reuters highlights the rental market’s burgeoning vitality.

Housingwire reports on HUD’s plan to make real estate owned properties available for sale to housing authorities near Joplin, MO. The homes will help house those displaced by May’s catastrophic storms.

Hawaii will now have a place to live for nearly 500 homeless people.

And Ta-Nehisi Coates cites Frederick Douglass as he examines people’s attitudes towards home ownership.

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