August 16, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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The Daily Housing News Round-Up returns today after a brief case of the Mondays. (Sorry we left you hanging yesterday!) Here’s what we’ve seen percolating in the housing world today:

Secretary Donovan joined President Obama at today’s rural economic development forum in Iowa. HUD’s own Peter True live tweeted the day’s events over at @PeterTrue_HUD. (The President’s bus looks pretty sweet, he reports.)

The Treasury sets the record straight on a Washington Post story exploring housing finance reform.

Seeking ways to go green with an older home? Look no further.

CBS reports on America’s 650,000 homeless citizens – and the thousands of volunteers with a national non-profit that aims to put 100,000 Americans in supportive housing.

And AOL highlights energy efficiency as a rare bipartisan issue in a politically polarized age.

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  1. The link you provided for greening an older home should be helpful to get many homeowners think about small steps they can take to reduce their environmental impact and utility costs. While the author states you should start with less invasive interventions, this may not be entirely true. Determine what measures can be done to your home first. There may be some more invasive measures (such as insulation) that may be possible and that should happen prior to less invasive measures. Otherwise, you may find yourself redoing steps/actions.

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