August 10, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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The newest member of the HUD twitter family, @SullyAtHUD  made a splash today with some “cross-agency collaboration” at the HHS Farmers Market. Secretary Sebelius wants to remind HUDdle readers to seek out their local farmers markets and support healthy, local food sources whenever possible. On to today’s housing news:

Fueled by peaches and barbeque, here are some of the housing stories making headlines today:

A new hospital in Maryland presents an opportunity for transit-oriented development.

As poverty threatens suburban communities, philanthropic efforts are making a difference.

Congrats to the Bourne Family and Friends Foundation – the former NHLer’s recent hockey fantasy camp  raised thousands of dollars for accessible housing.

One Congressman is practicing what he preaches by taking part in an energy audit.

Five new shelters are coming to rural areas in Minnesota, where they will provide help for the homeless.

Public housing buildings in St. Louis are putting their roofs to work with solar power.

And Habitat for Humanity doesn’t just build homes – volunteers are making them more efficient too.

2 Responses to Daily Housing News Round-Up

  1. I think it’s a great thing to help people when they need it or not! But those of us who do appreciate what you do!

  2. Love HUD. Wish I could afford 2 horses, 3 cars, 3 cats a dog and a bird because I had pretty much free rent like the person I know on HUD. I don’t have health care, but she does. I don’t have a garage, but she does. I don’t have vaulted ceilings, but she does. Must be nice.
    I’ve asked her why she doesn’t look for a job:Answer was “Because then I’d lose my HUD”. Must be really nice to not even have to look for a job. Extra money for her to sit down at the bar buy and smokes comes from side jobs which she does not claim. When she gets her DUI’s the state pays for fines and treatment anyone else has to pay themselves. ETC ETC ETC I could go on all night.

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