August 8, 2011

HUD files housing discrimination claim on behalf of single mother and son

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When a single mother moved into an apartment in Denmark, Wis., she probably expected to be treated like any other renter. She wasn’t, and HUD is getting involved to stop the kind of discrimination she faced.

According to a charge filed by HUD against the mother’s landlords, James and Julia Norton, the Nortons tried to place restrictions on the mother and her son. When she didn’t agree with the restrictions, HUD says the mother’s application for the apartment was denied.

Additionally, the charge alleges the Nortons also discriminated against families with children in their advertising. According to HUD, the Nortons threatened to fine or evict tenants if they violated rules like, “No children are allowed to play in common areas of the building.”

Those restrictions represented a violation of the Fair Housing Act, which requires that landlords not place different rules or restrictions on families with children.

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  1. i have been robbed in this cb mattson housing project, i caught the person but it was her word against mine. it has been a living hell for me ever since .i have taken out restraining order on her,cops up here for months at least 1-2 per wk. they got tired of waisting there time cause they cant catch anyone the sheriff’s put a camera in my window for 2 wks but came back and got iot next day for more imp. things.i have been being harasst in here for 3 yrs told i do not belong here cause i’m not a mainer! rocks thrown at my windows,called every kind of name in the book. no one should have that kind of power in here about anyone. i fear for my life everynight in here. my doctors,couselors,ect that i have had to see since moving in here. i was told i’m gonna be run out of here,anyone affiliated with this person turns all the neighbors against me. everyone is afraid of her and wont speak up.well i have been on housing for 12 yrs and never once had any problems. cb mattson owes this woman for testifing in court about another tenant and thats all i no . no reason for her to dictate to all these people in here. i’m the bad guy and i need hud to stick up for me in this matter.

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