August 1, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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What’s the best cure for a case of the Mondays? Housing news, of course:

HUD announced new investments in sustainable communities last week.

MomsRising says John Trasvina, HUD’s assistant secretary for fair housing, is a superhero.

New York is helping spur redevelopment by giving banks the power to take care of vacant and blighted houses.

In Chicago, companies are moving out of the suburbs and back to the city.

Winchester, Mass., is looking for something similar in its downtown (albeit on a smaller scale).

Another Massachusetts city wants to make its downtown more walkable.

One advocate makes the case for helping cities’ most vulnerable homeless residents.

The Recovery Act made an entire neighborhood of efficient homes in Arkansas possible.

Low-income residents in New Orleans are finding jobs rebuilding that city’s affordable housing.

And Kentucky’s Housing Authority and YMCA helped children in public housing enjoy a summer camp.

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