July 26, 2011

Are you a transformation leader?

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Our guest blogger today is Melanie Cohen, HUD’s Office of the Chief Information Officer

Transformation seems to be “the” word in 2011, often attached to organizational initiatives and activities, but often transformation is a misunderstood word.   For many, the image that comes to mind when you hear the word transformation is probably change.  But it means so much more. What does it take to be a “transformational leader?”  Transformational leadership is an effective approach to inspire organizational members and followers to realize outcomes they might not have thought were possible to realize.

This was the topic of the July 2011 HUD OCIO Learning Session entitled “Lessons of the Criticality of Transformational Leadership to Enabling Long-term Organizational Performance Outcomes,” presented by Dr. Stan Boddie of the National Defense University. A common misconception is that you have to be at least a GS-15 or sit in a corner office or control something in order to be a transformational leader.   But that is a mistake.   It’s about being a proactive agent for positive change in your particular environment, regardless of if you sit in a cubicle or office suite or lead only yourself.

As you know, the best ideas about change come from the front line employees.  If you want to be a transformational leaders, think about submitting an idea for the SAVE awards.   The SAVE Award (Securing Americans Value and Efficiency) seeks ideas from federal employees to make government more effective and efficient and ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.  The goal of the SAVE Award is to produce ideas that will yield savings while also improving the way that government operates.

Being a transformational leader means you have a vision, you’re inspired to take action, and you communicate your idea for greater good of the HUD community.  Change only happens when you decide to take that first small step—see something, say something, then DO something.

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  1. Thanks for the excellent post. It’s a very good & informative one.

    For a few  years, I am learning & working on the topic, Transformational leadership. Quite a lot of leaders in the human history have demonstrated exceptional success in transforming human life, work, economy, philosophy and above all well-being. I have recently analyzing some transformational leaders, their successes, traits and the secrets of their being of such kind of leaders.

    My blog on this topic is . Here I have described the leadership of 3 great leaders. This list should be a bigger even. I have selected them not based on any category but on total impact of their leadership on their followers and the society or the community or even the world they lived in.

    I think, transformational leaders need not to be a ruler or army chief or sectarian leader. Rather from the history of business, religion, technology we see a good number of individuals who marked their steps in this hall of fame. One thing is common in all transformational leaders, they are people’s leaders and they worked for collective well being and they succeed as a whole.

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