One Response to Secretary Donovan discusses the EHLP Program

  1. prescreen prior to july 22 then went to july 27 in mass. then a lottery to be held to let prescreeners know they’d be accepted to complete an app and call for appt ….GREAT yet was to be by 8/15 I was notified by phone on Mon 8/1 late afternoon I was so estatic at the poss of saveing my home listening to the voice recording I shook ad had tears running down my cheecks as I simultaneously told my fiance, Id then gathered all plus info for chk list and I mean all even aquired then ink ect for prntr / copier to be on my mission of having exact ready to leave with appropriate party for submission, as it states BE READY or your spot will go to next! Then ready next am to call for my appt. great cause thier open 6am. I received and email SORRY thank you ect call was a mistake and regret confusion … At this point in life with no employ, losing house to forecloseure ect stress level is too too high for such an error ! GREAT DAY TO ALL involved

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