July 14, 2011

Working to end veteran homelessness

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It’s a national tragedy that any veteran, after serving our country in uniform, becomes homeless.  Veterans are fifty percent more likely to become homeless compared to all Americans and the risk is even greater among veterans living in poverty and poor minority veterans.  This is precisely why the Obama Administration established the ambitious goal to end veteran homelessness by 2015.  Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness serves as a roadmap for how the federal government will work to confront the root causes of homelessness, especially among former servicemen and women.

One way to tackle the housing and service needs of our homeless veterans is to provide a permanent home and make sure they continue to get access to health care of case management.  Today,  U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki awarded $46 million to public housing agencies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to supply permanent housing and case management for 6,790 homeless veterans in America.

HUD’s Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program (HUD-VASH), is a coordinated effort by HUD, VA, and local housing agencies to provide permanent housing for homeless veterans.   HUD Secretary Donovan put it this way, “We have no greater mission than to prevent and end homelessness, especially for those brave men and women who risked their lives to protect our nation.”

Read more about the funding announced today.

7 Responses to Working to end veteran homelessness

  1. HUD will not be successful in ending homelessness amongst vets when it cannot even manage the humane treatment of employees who work for municipal housing authorities. I am a veteran who was illegally fired from a housing authority where i worked for over 6 years managing 428 units of elderly housing. I was fired for doing my job as occupancy specialist which included tenant advocacy. I filed a HUD fair housing complaint and was terminated! This is illegal. Now my home of 16 years is going into foreclosure because I am now disabled and unemployed due to the stress caused by the injustice and financial devastation. Am I the only one who recognizes the utter failure of HUD to address the housing and homeless crisis in this nation? But tax payers just keep giving the money to failed housing authorities across the nation, including the one in Torrington, CT who budgets and uses over $75,000 a year to private attorneys for evictions and personnel/union problems. Multiply that amount by all of the municipal housing authorities in the country and determine how much of these millions is actually spent housing people. You will be astonished at the inability of municipal housing authorities to help homeless people, in Torrington they are the cause for homelessness, and the suicide of an elderly disabled blind man!

  2. I have worked with these vets for 16 years and as i told Washington, DC, the help needs to begin from Washington when our soldiers are deported. For instance put a hold on all their bills until they get back home and they will have what all they need when they return from serving our country. After 16 years of saying this, we still have a homeless problems are our wonderful soldiers. Also, I have told Washington DC, why don’t they help our homeless Vets the way and more that they helped “katrina” victims, they paid all of their rent for 12 months, paid their deposits, utilities, broke all the rules for them. Maybe they will see this and do something for our wonderful deserving soldiers.

  3. first time coming accross this section of the site – this is a disaster really – everyone needs to contribute more to a safer, more equal future

    “Veterans are fifty percent more likely to become homeless compared to all Americans ”

    we plan on creating a section now on our site showing some more information about veterans who are homeless – increased awareness can help fight this horrible tragedy

  4. Nice load of BS… PICO dose seem to run things not HUD. They required a copy of my bank account and always demanded all my money to get into a home with nothing left to move.
    Several times I found homes that I could not get showing up on another web sites being resold by investors with a 10% interest rate, (that would be $40,000.00 of interest on a $18,000.00 home over 30 years). And following PICO’s advice spent over $1,300.00 to look at homes they then priced at or over my savings account balance by $1,200.00 as they were still using the bank statement of before the trip.
    As a veteran and single parent I am giving up on HUD. They run nothing and the carpet baggers run things now.
    I got a home through a bank sale and they did not demand all of what I have in the bank.
    And there is less missing from this home than any HUD home I have seen.

  5. We actually just did an excellent article, not me but a writer for a structured settlements blog on HOME SWEET HOMELESSNESS indeed, and you’re the government agency that accounts for homelessness? I will never understand why we actually need to have, although I appreciate what you do personally for “housing”, what or how you could solve “homelessness”? It just doesn’t make sense. Maybe starting an organization within your organization for community awareness on “homelessness” because isn’t homelessness a community or individual issue? How do we solve individual issues, lol? Very hard to do from where I sit. I do appreciate what Hud does, don’t misunderstand. I am merely trying to figure out an age-old problem.

  6. I think I forgot to insert the link to the “home sweet homelessness” blog, so here goes, sorry or maybe it didn’t pick up the comment because it had a link, unsure. Please let me know how I can link to your site if not. Thanks? I have a lot of writing from client sites that would be interested in being listed on your awesome .gov site.

    Thanks, Kathryn Sias oassist.com

  7. I am interested in knowing about specific projects that have taken advantage of the VASH rent vocher subsidies. I have found one apartment project in Florida, completed in 2007, and we are working on a 32-unit apartment building in Virginia Beach. Read more …..

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