July 14, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Big day here at HUD, check out what we are up to, and other news from the world of housing:

HUD announced $46.2 million in funding to provide supportive housing to America’s veterans today.

Secretary Donovan spoke at a Ford Foundation panel on “The Just City” today. Check out this awesome video the foundation created to explain what a just city is, and follow along on Twitter with #JustCity.

More communities are receiving funding to help them improve their public housing.

HUD is helping Arkansas recover from severe storms that hit the state in May.

Memphis, Tenn., is opening more than 100 affordable – and green – new apartments.

FedEx Field joins a growing number of NFL stadiums that are installing solar panels.

Is it “gentrification” or “repopulation” that revitalizes neighborhoods?

And if they go the other way, how can you make some good out of neighborhoods plagued with vacancies?

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  1. I’m always glad to see when apartment complexes are green, but to also make it affordable for senior housing! Wow! That’s fantastic.
    Send some of those funds down to the San Antonio area. Our complex also has taken the approach to being more green.

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