July 1, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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It’s been a busy week here at HUD and we apologize for the lack of a round-up these past few days, but we’re back at it before the holiday weekend.

In the latest housing scorecard (which you can find here), we’re seeing the Obama Administration’s efforts to help homeowners pay off.

HUD recently announced new steps to help military servicemen and women avoid foreclosure.

The VA Medical Center in Los Angeles is one step closer to receiving the money it needs to help homeless veterans.

HUD announced $210 million in Indian Housing Block Grants last week. Washington, South Dakota and New Mexico are among 25 states that will benefit from them.

How green is your city?

We hope you all enjoy a fun, safe Fourth of July!

2 Responses to Daily Housing News Round-Up

  1. Dear Mrs. Emma Luna, retired HUD Specialist

    This is Jeri Hallberg Harmon. Many years ago you told me to go get my Master’s degree. I was a single mom.

    At the time, I truely NEVER thought I could do that, that I was capable of that.

    I am very humbled to tell you that BECAUSE OF YOU, I was awarded my Master of Education degree last May 2011.

    I have met many wonderful professors,from the University of Texas at El Paso, as wellas many wonderful professors and teachers throughout the United States. many of them Hispanic women with their Doctorate degrees: Dr. Sarah Ryan, Dra. Martha Casas, Dra. Eugenia Trillo, Dra. Tinajero, Dr. Robbie Pederson, to name a few.

    I am grateful for the opportunities and knowledge.

    Of late, the media continues to say that because of the economy, teachers are not wanted or needed.

    This brings to mind the words that my Tia Tilla from Monterrey told me many years ago .. ” Recuerde la Mission.”

    Which means Remember the Mission.

    Mrs. Luna, I am now Highly qualified to teach Special Education, Science, Health, Language Arts and Elementary School.

    I have become an Aerospace Education Mmeber with Civil Air Patrol. I do volunteer work with

    The Lions International.

    While I still hope to own my own home one day, and am still on a pretty tight budget, I now see much purpose in my life, either studying, working or doing lots of vounteer work.

    Long story short Mrs. Luna, You and the Housing Authority changed my life, The lives of my children and numerous others through your guidance, compassion and perseverence.

    Very Very Respectfully Yours, Jeri Hallberg Harmon, Master of Education, Aerospace Educator

    • Estimada Sra. Emma Luna, especialista retirado de HUD Esta es Jeri Hallberg Harmon. Hace muchos años me dijo que fuera a obtener mi maestría. Yo era una madre soltera. En ese momento, yo realmente nunca pensé que podría hacer eso, que yo era capaz de eso. Me siento muy honrado de decir que Gracias a vosotros, me concedió mi grado de Maestría en Educación en mayo de 2011. Los medios de comunicación continúa diciendo que debido a la economía, los maestros no se quería o necesitaba. Esto trae a la mente las palabras que mi tía me dijo que hace: "Recuerde la Misión:" Ahora estoy altamente calificados para enseñar Educación Especial, Ciencias, Salud, Artes del Lenguaje y la Escuela Primaria y soy un educador Aeroespacial Usted y la Autoridad de Vivienda cambiado.. mi vida, La vida de mis hijos y muchos otros a través de su orientación, la compasión y la perseverancia. Muy Muy respetuosamente suyo, Jeri Hallberg Harmon, Maestro de Educación Aeroespacial Educador

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