June 30, 2011

Protecting Homeownership for Deployed Servicemembers

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HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan says “our military forces should not have to worry about losing their homes to foreclosure while serving their county on active duty.”  To help ensure that this does not occur, HUD has revised the Notice of Disclosure form that emphasizes the rights of the military under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

The Act says that military personnel on active duty in wartime are entitled to mortgage relief, including a lower interest rate (not more than six percent) on their mortgages and foreclosure protection. 

In its revised form, the Notice emphasizes that once a servicemember requests relief, there is no requirement thereafter for them to alert their lenders of their military status in connection with a foreclosure.  It is the lenders responsibility to make that determination and to send a copy of the Notice of Disclosure to homeowners, who are in default on a mortgage.    

The Notice advises servicememebers seeking relief to call 1-800-342-9647 or visit www.militaryonesource.com/scra for additional information and guidance.  It also provides guidance on obtaining military legal assistance.

Read HUD’s revised notice.

3 Responses to Protecting Homeownership for Deployed Servicemembers

  1. My husband James Micheal Holland lost his father when he was getting ready to graduate high school. But due to his untimely death he was left taking care of his mother and three younger brothers. His father Jesse David Holland retired from the service and then recruited for the service.We have been married for 34 yrs.and april of 2011 finally paid our hud235 loan off.Over six years ago after 29yrs at vy-tech industries he was told no job,no benefits, no insurance well lets say his life and manhood was gone. Now due to me being disabled and his severe back problems and etc. we do not even have enough to pay our power bill. Our home has no air-conditioner unit the floors and ceiling are caving in. We have never asked anyone for help.My husband is so depressed because he does not have ways of taking care of us.When we purchased this house in 1982 we had no clue what kind of loan we were getting but we had a son and we had to have a plce to live. Our house sold for around 35 and the condition it is in i doubt you could sell it. After figuring it up we paid probably well over 300,000.00 for it. we here of all these people getting energy-efficient safe housing and we were told if we were to move or rent we have to repay the government. We do not wnat to move or rent it but because of this house i think it is what is causing us to be so sick. Headaches,nausea,severepain and mold. If anyone can help us or give us advise on how we can get help to just have what most govenment housing has like windows that open air conditioner you know hud home builder was so cheap that put the utility pole in the middle of our backyard. Because he did not want to pay 30.00. Now it would cost thousands they say. Also they ran our next door neighbors power line to this pole and the house behind us. Please help us i really do not think my husband can o on much longer without medical and financial help. I have been disabled since 2000. But they sure did not care.No help from our government.Well i guess i am at my wits end. God has gotten us through so very many things and we love our country but sometimes it seems like the ones that have worked all there life and paid for everthing they have are the proud ones who only want to make there love ones safe and healthy? When i see what our country has turned into and how much we have to suffer to just have the basic things of life, sometmes i just wish the lord would take me on. Thank you for your time Diane O. Holland

  2. I’ve been a US Marine for 4 years now and having this act pass is a blessing in disguise for me. In the past finding assistance and help with my mortgage while I’m out on tour has been a real pain. So thanks for this.

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