June 27, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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We hope you enjoyed your weekend; now it’s time to recap the day’s housing news:

HUD is proud to take part in a new Urban Waters Initiative that helps develop green spaces in cities to improve water quality.

The Recovery Act has been extremely successful in keeping people from becoming homeless.

Homeowners at risk of foreclosure are the targets of scammers who promise loan modifications. To find a HUD-approved housing counselor in your area, click here.

A builder is on a mission to make passive houses more popular in Bethesda, Md.

Businesses are investing in startups that will spur the development of clean energy technology in housing.

A New Jersey housing authority’s efforts to connect housing and health care services is earning it some major praise.

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  1. My daughter is homeless! She can not seem to get help from any agency. She has a part time job. Housing authority told her she can not get help from them because of her past record. She does not have a felony or drug charges. However it is ok for her and her 5 year old son to sleep in a car? (Until she gets in trouble for that.) She is a good mom. Her last pay check was 110.00 for 2 weeks. Is there set rules or is it up to one induvidual to decide? There was a spanish girl who came from N.Y. with her son and was put right in a place, could it be they could get more goverment dollars that way? Im sure my daughter is not the only person with a past. Her son is the one paying now.

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