June 23, 2011

HUD News Delivered to Your Inbox

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Interested in being among the first to know about HUD news as it breaks?  Would you like this information to come straight to your inbox?  HUD has created a new listserv with the latest news alerts and press releases involving issues and programs that are important to you.  You can sign up by entering your email address when you visit our website.  Your privacy is important to us.  When you register for a mailing list, we don’t share your email address with anyone outside HUD.  Visit our website to read HUD’s complete Web user privacy policy

44 Responses to HUD News Delivered to Your Inbox

  1. I would like to be informed about government grants and incentives foe underemployed workers like me.

  2. I would like to get information on government grants and other incentives for underemployed workers like me.

  3. Is this going to be the same thing as the RSS feed? If so, I would like not to be put on the list. If its different information, I would like to be on the list.

  4. I am interested in All information and updates regarding First Time Home Buyer assistance for lower income families with no or poor credit history. My daughter and her husband are VERY Responsible young adults but have No developed credit history.
    They wish to purchase their first home and are realistic about how much home they can afford.

    What kind of HUD loan options are available for them?
    We live in Urbana, Illinois.

  5. I’m a resident of cherry tree crossing and i keep hearing rumor about mcg bought it and i’m writing to ask if that is true.

  6. I reactivated my license with long time friend i had not seen inn years. when she told me about working with lenders as a foreclosure specialist. I KINDA THOUGHT SHE WAS NUTS. WELL IF THAT IS THE TRUTH THEN I AM NUTS TOO.

  7. I have a house that may be available for rent in the near future. I have also applied for a job with HUD as a Portfolio analyst. Will that be a conflict If I am chosen for the job?

  8. Need funds for substantial rehabilitation of 10-unit apartment house to be used for affordable housing in Northern California

  9. I would like any information pertaining to HUD apartments / housing, loans and or grants. Thank you!

  10. Please send me any information about single mom housing in Southern California. Low rent and ANY other assistant in La Dera Ranch California and other cities surranding PLEASE. Thankds

  11. Due to health issues I need to relocate from the extreme heat and allergies of Texas to the milder conditions of California

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