June 20, 2011

When good credit and income are not enough

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You have the income. You have the credit score. And you are having a baby.

When getting a home loan, being pregnant shouldn’t be a factor, right? Well, for some lenders it is.

Some mortgage lenders deny credit to borrowers because of a pregnancy or maternity leave. It’s called pregnancy discrimination, and it’s a violation of the Fair Housing Act, which forbids lenders discriminating against potential home buyers based on family status, including when an expectant mother is on maternity leave.

You may have read about a Washington mother who was denied a mortgage when her lender found out she was on maternity leave. HUD went after her lender, Cornerstone Mortgage Company, and recently reached a settlement. HUD is investigating similar complaints across the country and considers eliminating pregnancy discrimination – and discrimination as a whole – a top priority.

If you have been a victim of housing discrimination or if you know someone who has, visit HUD’s Fair Housing website or call 1-800-669-9777.

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