June 17, 2011

HUD to Host 2011 National Healthy Homes Conference

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From June 20-23, people from all areas of the housing field will come together in Denver for the National Healthy Homes Conference. Before that meeting, the director of HUD’s Office of Healthy Homes, Jon Gant, took part in a live tweet chat last week with people interested in making housing healthy and safe for everyone.

Homebuilders, physicians, representatives from federal and local housing authorities, community planners and a range of other experts will meet for presentations and sessions that will help ensure healthy housing. The conference will confront issues like finding housing for those with disabilities and how to keep dangerous pests out of homes.

Director Gant provided a short preview of the expertise that will be on display at the Colorado Convention Center next week. He answered some of the more common questions homeowners and tenants have about topics like mold and bed bugs, and provided good advice for making housing safe and healthy.

Last week’s chat was just a preview, though. Visit the Healthy Homes Conference website to find out what’s coming up at the conference, and follow @HUDNews to see Director Gant’s advice from today’s chat and learn more about upcoming HUD events.



4 Responses to HUD to Host 2011 National Healthy Homes Conference

  1. In San Diego, Ca, there are apartments being rented to people who smoke. One section 8 renter developed asthma as a result of the landlord refusing to inspect and/or appropriately repair leaks. It appears that some landords and management companies have an odd bias against citizens with a section 8 voucher especially when the family is a woman, a disabled woman, an African-American woman, women with children, and theft of funds from frail, ill, and handicap women. This matter is serious in that landlords appear to have crossed the line into Human Rights violation(s). There should be a Fair Housing Agency in San Diego that would look at such a metter, but according to Congresswoman Susan Davis to the Department of Justice, there is NOT one in San Diego. Will this issue be address at the upcoming conference? If so, please advise.

  2. Hello Elnora Whitlow:

    These methods were designed by people such as yourself. However, when that same method is used by others with real problems, it is considered “self promote themselves”. If the bias was not so oppressive against only one group of human beings in America, the issue would be mute. Most importantly, when a certain group of people are comfortable, protected, and enjoying access to everything in America, it is very easy to be hostile against others. I had hoped that I’d not experience such a high level of hate in America all of my life. The goal is to listen to my Priest, hold on to the faith, and expect change through the Trinity.

    • Hello Lorene Foreman,

      Before you respond you should read “Who I was referring too” It wasn’t to your comment it was about the story,OKAY so before your feelings get hurt please take the time to read and think before pressing the SEND key and don’t take everything so personal;I took the time to read your posting and I understood why you felt that way,Please accept my heart felt “SORRY” I didn’t mean you I was talking about the program that helps teach people how to live in a house!!! This seemed like a waste of time they should be dealing with real issues instead..

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